MacGyver season 2 promo: Meet Samantha Cage (video)

Samantha CageWho is Samantha Cage? For everyone watching MacGyver season 2, she’s going to be a new, and very capable, member of the team.

In latest season 2 promo below offers up your first look at this new character, played by Isabel Lucas. (Read more about her casting over at the link here.) What we know about Cage at the moment is that she’s smart, she’s ruthless, and she’s not deterred about working alongside Mac or Jack. She should be a pretty fun addition to the group as a result of that.

Also, we’re rather thrilled that MacGyver is allowing her to keep her accent for the show, given that it allows her to bring a little more of a global scope to the show — even if the character is still a part of the CIA. In addition to there being a potential cultural difference between her and some of the other members of the Phoenix Foundation, what could also be interesting about Samantha Cage is that she answers to some different people. She could end up being to this show similar to what Marty Deeks is over on NCIS: Los Angeles. She’s a valuable part of the crew, and someone that they rely on — at least for the time being.

We also like this character right away for not backing down to Jack. The idea of the two of them going toe to toe should be one of many super-fun things that we’re excited to watch unfold as we get more into the new season. We do figure that it’s possible Cage becomes a new love interest to someone — we know already that Jack will hit on almost any woman he comes into contact with! As for Mac, eventually he may need to get over some of what happened with Nikki, especially with Tracy Spiridakos as a series regular over on another show in Chicago PD (we’re ultimately not sure precisely how much of her we’re going to get a chance to see, if any given that MacGyver films in a separate city and the two shows film at around the same time of the year).

Are you excited for the MacGyver premiere — and also Samantha Cage joining the team?

Share in the comments below! Meanwhile, be sure to head over to the link here in the event you want to see another promo featuring both this show and its Friday-night companion in Hawaii Five-0. (Photo: CBS.)

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