The Amazing Race 30 start date for Jessica Graf, Cody Nickson, cast

Amazing Race 30 start dateWant to know The Amazing Race 30 start date? If you like Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf, you’ll certainly appreciate this! (Heck even if you’re rooting against them you’ll probably appreciate the fact that they’re

Per The Hollywood Reporter, the latest season of the CBS reality show is going to begin the competition on Sunday, October 1 at 11:30 a.m. Eastern time at Washington Square Park. It’s become more of a tradition recent years, regardless of the cast, to have a little more of a public kick-off to the season. It adds to the excitement and makes the beginning of a season feel more like a party atmosphere.

Could this lead to more people getting spoiled about some of the other teams taking part this season beyond just Jessica and Cody? Sure, but we’ve come to learn over time that there are people who scout the show and do that anyway. (Heck, there was one season where a fan of the show was able to help someone keep their passport.) The important thing at this point is mostly just that The Amazing Race remain a fun competition after the start and that it’s entertaining. We think the vast majority of the country really doesn’t care about anything else, such as if there are some names of the teams out there in advance.

Now, will they be on board for watching Jessica and Cody as a team? Personally, we’re not the biggest fans in the world of CBS cross-show promotion, especially for a show like this since it offers up a chance to see such a great diversity of the country. This also probably means that some other team got the shaft at the last minute once the network decided that they want to put Cody and Jessica on it. We could go on to state some of our concerns about Cody … but we’ve already done that. Hopefully over time some of his time on the show he’ll learn a little bit more and be more of the ambassador that CBS probably wants for him to be.

As for when The Amazing Race 30 will premiere…

Odds are probably at some point in the spring. The show is basically the network’s prime midseason replacement show at this point, so if something else on the schedule doesn’t work this show can slide in there and effectively take its place. It was able to do this previous when Training Day was canceled last season, so we have a feeling that this is probably something that could happen all over again.

Beyond the teams, the one thing that we really would like to see are some new locations! Can we go without seeing so many episodes in India and China? It feels like those two countries have been used at this point a million times.

Are you excited for The Amazing Race 30 to air on CBS, and what’s your take on Jessica and Cody in the cast? Share below!

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