Richard Rankin, Sophie Skelton look ahead to Outlander season 4

Richard RankinEven though Outlander season 3 episode 4 features Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton onscreen for the first time this year, they’re still looking ahead. They’ve read the source material, they understand where Brianna and Roger’s stories are heading, and they realize that Outlander season 4 is going to really be when their story together accelerates as opposed to what is going on right now. They’ve got their eyes on that prize, though they also do seem to be enjoying the journey that gets them there.

In speaking on this subject recently to Digital Spy, Sophie Skelton talked briefly about the process of getting her role, coupled with the expectation that she has for Brianna and Roger moving forward:

“We read the books before we actually got the roles, and we always said the fourth book was both of our favourites for our characters and their relationship together, and also just in terms of doing the roles … I think book four is largely why we wanted to do the roles as it is really where you see Roger and Brianna come into their own, so we are very much looking forward to filming it.”

Rankin concurred, adding the following about the advantage to knowing some of the source material:

“We do have the bigger picture, we can plot a nice entry for the characters and from that point onwards because we have all that material at our disposal, … We can take these characters on a real journey and our story really kicks off in season four, I suppose.”

What’s important about the Roger – Bree story right now is the foundation, of seeing the two characters together and understanding where the two start off as acquaintances and friends. In doing that, we are going to get a much better opportunity to understand where they are going to be going in the future. The actors benefit from the advance knowledge so that they can make informed decisions as to how to play the relationship. It’s a benefit that not all TV actors get; since the fans already know the story, as well, you do want to be on a level playing field at least with them.

Ultimately, the biggest thing that CarterMatt wants to note in regards to Outlander season 4 is that it won’t be long now until the cast and crew are back filming! Pre-production has begun in Scotland, and we know that there were casting notices out there for extras to start being available at the end of the month. (That may have just been a precaution, but we know that Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan start filming their scenes in October.) Skelton and Rankin will have a whole lot more to do in the upcoming weeks and months, and the filming start date is essential in the event that Outlander season 4 can actually be ready for a premiere on Starz this fall. We know that executive producer Ronald D. Moore would love for that to happen, but alas there are no guarantees.

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