Blue Bloods season 8 premiere video: Is Frank ready to retire?

Blue Bloods season 8

On Friday night’s Blue Bloods season 8 premiere, you’re going to see a changing of the guard in New York City. You’re also going to see a challenge so vast for Frank Reagan that it may cause him to step down as Police Commissioner.

The first sneak peek introduces you to the city’s new Mayor (Rizzoli & Isles alum Lorraine Bracco) in Margaret Dutton, a powerful woman from the New York City elite who has a very different list of priorities than Frank does. She has a different perception of justice and police transparency, and when she tries to get Frank to release records that could indicate that an NYPD officer acted too harshly, he refused. In turn, she tells him that he’s fired. To quote Ron Burgundy, that escalated quickly!

After enduring this pretty terrible meeting with the new Mayor, Frank has to figure out what he can do — and the same goes for his team. What’s interesting is that per a bylaw that was uncovered here by his team (one revolving around Dutton’s status as a public advocate — she wasn’t technically elected Mayor and is just filling the role with Poole gone), technically he can’t be fired. Yet, that may still not be enough in order to make him think that staying is the right move. While Frank may be able to stay, he’s not sure that there is any reason to do so when the Mayor doesn’t want to work with him.

The real MVP of the two sneak peeks below is Baker, who completely puts Frank in his place and makes him presumably question why he’s giving up so easily. It’s not all that often that you see Tom Selleck’s character challenged like this, so there is something rather fantastic that comes with it. The more of these sort of scenes that we see with Frank on the show, the more likely we are to be satisfied with the end result this season. Frank is a strong character, but he’s also very set in his ways. Unfortunately in the premiere one of his “ways” seems to be him looking for a way out of his current position. We don’t want to imagine Blue Bloods without him in power, and given that this is the premiere episode, there’s probably going to be many more opportunities to see him and Dutton challenge each other throughout the season. One of the real benefits of getting Bracco on the show is that she could be available for more than episode or two a season; this was one of the real issues with having David Ramsey in the role over the years given his part on Arrow.

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