The Originals season 5 spoilers: Candice King shares first Klaroline photo

Klaroline photoTake note: If you’re going to return to Twitter after a six-month hiatus, a Klaroline photo is a great place to start. This is precisely what Candice King has done in the wake of her arrival on The Originals season 5, where she is appearing in at least two episodes as her old The Vampire Diaries character of Caroline Forbes.

The image below shows both King and Joseph Morgan — while it may not be indicative of anything when it comes to the Klaroline relationship on the show itself for the final season, it does enough to raise the collective blood pressure for ‘shippers all over the internet. There are many people out there who’ve been curious for some time in seeing whether or not Klaus and Caroline could be a couple, and logistically it all makes more sense now. Years have passed since the death of Stefan at the end of The Vampire Diaries, and to go along with that, Klaus has sent his daughter Hope to the supernatural school run by Caroline and Alaric. The two have the means to be together, and they also certainly have a lot of passion.

Do Caroline and Klaus have an enormous amount of relationship baggage? Absolutely, and they have to figure out a way to work through that. What’s working against them is probably Klaus’ whole history of murdering people, especially since it’s very hard for someone like Caroline to reconcile some of Klaus’ terrible deeds with a person that he could be. She is nonetheless sympathetic thanks to being with someone in Stefan with ripper tendencies, but the person has to be interested in helping themselves. Is Klaus going to be that? There is a certain fear that we have that he’s going to psychologically fall off of the nearest behavior ravine after everything last season and just start killing for sport.

No matter what transpires, the Klaroline photo at least confirms that we’re thoroughly excited to get some more of The Originals season 5 back on the air. We’ve waited a long time to see it happen, and now we just have to see if the story ends up living up to all of the expectations that we have for it. This is the time in which the show will get set to drop the curtain — and in turn, the entire vampire universe on The CW. There have been talks about a Hope spin-off, but there’s nothing definitive at the moment. It doesn’t seem right to bank on something that should be considered a “maybe” at best.

What do you think about the new Klaroline photo? Does that get you a little more excited for whatever the future could hold between the characters? Share now in the comments!

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