Saturday Night Live promo: Ryan Gosling gets turned away

Ryan GoslingThe first Saturday Night Live promo of the season has officially arrived! For those of you who love Ryan Gosling, you’re going to love this.

This promo features at the center of it Gosling, returning to host the show for the second time, doing his best to get into 30 Rock so that he can take part in filming the show. Is the premise of the whole bit a little flawed? Sure, because security would obviously know who he is even though he doesn’t have the proper ID. Yet, there’s still something hysterical about him trying to pull some of the classic moves to get to the elevator that we love. He stumbles over and does his best to play It off after the fact — as a matter of fact — it may be the playing it off that we really enjoy more than anything else.

One other thing that makes this a fantastic tease for the season: The start of the promo, where someone clearly told Gosling to narrate it like some sort of rabid sex god so that it would complete disarm people when he acted all goofy and silly at the front of 30 Rock. We feel like there is probably some good meta-comedy thrown in here, given that Gosling probably always feels as though he’s a goofy, silly guy who likes to have fun; yet, his public persona is of this heartthrob and this actor who people constantly swoon over. This promo’s both funny from the standpoint of physical comedy and also from the perspective of Ryan getting to have a little bit of fun at his own expense — which is always great for an actor to be able to do.

We’ll admit that the first time that Gosling hosted the show, we found that his performance was a little bit hit-or-miss. He was really funny in some sketches, while at the same time he was also very nervous. Hopefully he is a little bit more comfortable this time around.

As for the musical guest for the episode, we’re going to be getting an appearance from none other than JAY-Z. This is one of those few occasions in which the musical guest is probably going to get as much attention as the host, and we do understand why given that this is a guy who has such a robust library. We hope that he’ll be in one of the studio previews for the next SNL, which tend to be unveiled a little bit later in the week.

What do you think about this Ryan Gosling – Saturday Night Live promo?

Share in the comments below! Also, if you missed it head over to the link here to get some additional news when it comes to the new additions on SNL this season. There are three new featured players coming on board, and hopefully they will bring forward some new energy and ideas. (Photo: NBC.)

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