NCIS season 15 premiere sneak peek: How Alex Quinn is being written out

NCIS season 15 premiere sneak peekThe first NCIS season 15 premiere sneak peek is now online, and it serves to answer one question: Where is Alex Quinn?

In the midst of all of the various headlines coming out this summer, Jennifer Esposito’s departure has been somewhat lost in the shuffle. Well, in this sneak peek (which you can check out below) you get a passing line from Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) that Quinn is on leave, and is taking care of her mother. This is likely how the show will write her out; maybe she ends up leaving the job down the line or is assigned elsewhere, but odds are the writers won’t focus on it too much more than what is said here. This tends to be the way most procedurals handle departures of former cast members. They reference that the departure happened, but then don’t spend all that much time focusing on it since there are some other important matters that need to be attended to.

For the sake of this premiere entitled “House Divided,” there is a rather unusual case where a victim seems to have had their hair blown right off! It’s a strange situation, and one that neither Palmer (Brian Dietzen) nor Ducky (David McCallum) can comprehend. If you’re stumping these two guys and the crazy level of experience that they have, there is really only one explanation: You’re looking at one of the strangest cases in the history of the show.

For those of you who watch NCIS for the comedy, there is a really funny moment in here with Torres and Reeves (Duane Henry), as Nick reveals that he borrowed one of Clayton’s ties for the Congressional hearing he went to on the mission in South America. Unfortunately for Reeves, Torres couldn’t find a way to get it back to him without there being a mustard stain on it. We don’t really blame Torres for this as the team probably doesn’t get much of a chance to have a sit down lunch, so we would think that hot dogs from the street vendor are the norm to deal with their hunger in a fast and tasty way.

What is happening with Gibbs and McGee?

You’re going to find out more about that over the course of the premiere, but they will kick things off still trapped in the Southern Hemisphere, doing their best to stay alive after being held prisoner for months on end. They’ll have probably grown frustrated with their present condition during that time, and also grown some rather epic beards in the process. They won’t be gone from the rest of the team for long, but their absence will be felt in the premiere.

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