Outlander season 3 episode 3: Tobias Menzies leaving, actor confirms

Tobias MenziesIt’s difficult news to swallow, but it is true nonetheless: Tobias Menzies is leaving Outlander following season 3 episode 3. While there may be a chance for him to turn up down the road, for the time being Menzies isn’t giving fans any false hope.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter in a postmortem from Sunday’s new episode, here is what the actor had to say:

“That’s it. It’s strange. It’s the end of three and a half years. I’ll miss everyone very much. It’s been a great journey. I worked hard on both of these characters. It was a challenge to make them different, but in a subtle way so it wasn’t too obvious. I hope that it worked but one can never really know. My biggest takeaway, I think, is the friends I’ve made. All of them will stay in my life for a long time, so that’s wonderful.”

Show executive producers Ronald D. Moore and Maril Davis confirmed that Menzies will not appear for the remainder of the season, but did not rule out anything beyond that. We could see him making a surprise return late in the series’ run, primarily as a way to bring the show full-circle through either a flashback or dream sequence. We will take anything to have Menzies back on the show.

Tobias first joined Outlander at the beginning of the series. His dual roles as both Frank and Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall has made him a CarterMatt Emmy favorite since the first time we saw him on screen. He played both a terrifying villain and a husband trying to make do within a crumbling marriage. Frank was an interesting figure on the show — we go into it more over at the link here, but we appreciate how the series wrote him in such a measured manner.

Beyond Outlander, we do know that Menzies will remain very busy. He’s already done work on Catastrophe, The Terror, Game of Thrones, and The Night Manager over the past couple of years. Outlander is his most high-profile series to date, and we wouldn’t be altogether shocked if there are more leading-man opportunities that come his way in the future. He’s established enough of a fan base that he could easily get some larger opportunities after this. If he doesn’t get some Emmy love here, maybe there will be more chances for that at some point down the line.

As for the remainder of Outlander season 3, there are still another ten episodes to go this season that will chronicle everything from Jamie and Claire’s reunion to the voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. Much of this has been teased in one form or another already; in the event you’re curious about what’s coming up prior to the big Print Shop scene, we suggest that you head over to the link here to see a promo for season 3 episode 4.

What’s your take on Tobias Menzies leaving Outlander at this time?

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