Ballers season 3 finale: Spencer’s new pitch for the Oakland Raiders

Ballers season 3 finaleIf there is one word that we would use to describe the Ballers season 3 finale, it’s “change.” This was a chance to see effectively the evolution of all of the characters. You likely remember who these people were at the start of the season, and that contrasted strongly with who they were in this key episode.

When it comes to Spencer Strasmore, his goal was clear: To finish the job. He had to figure out how to succeed when it comes to his new goal of keeping the Oakland Raiders precisely where they were. This was a change of pace from him from where he was at the start of the season, but hey, Ballers is a show that does at times like to shake things up.

Is it a little bizarre watching Ballers tell this story when you consider what’s happening in the present with the Raiders? Certainly so, given that they are heading to Vegas in a few years in life. However, on the show Spencer figured out a way to make a little bit of magic happen. Using Anderson’s brother and a promise of public funding, we saw an alternative to Vegas discussed that could actually turn some of the tide. In general, we at CarterMatt have enjoyed this story, if for no other reason that that exploring the business of the NFL is fascinating. It’s not something you see from this vantage point even in the sports publications.

In the end, this was an underdog story about keeping the Raiders in Vegas, but when it comes to world of Ballers, underdog stories don’t always win. Spencer thought that he had won, but in the end he felt hosed by Anderson and all of the owners. They loved his private-funding proposal, but they still didn’t want to keep the team in Vegas. In this instance, art really did imitate life. The Raiders are once again going to Vegas.

If there was any good news, it was that ASM did get a chance to expand and build up their own client base. Technically, Spencer and Joe did lose out on what they wanted, but they did still find a way to have a small victory.

For some of the show’s supporting stars, there were key revelations almost across the board. Take, for example, Ricky choosing to use social media and his family in order to confirm that he was retiring from the league. Meanwhile, Charles went to interview for the Los Angeles Rams and suffered a whole lot of nerves almost right away. It was a struggle for him to impress until he found his passion close to the end of the episode. At that point, we finally started to see him show precisely who he is as a prospective GM.

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