The Big Bang Theory season 11 premiere wishlist: Should Sheldon, Amy be engaged?

Big Bang Theory season 11 promoAs we approach the Big Bang Theory season 11 premiere on CBS Monday night, now seems like the right time to bust out a wishlist! For those unaware, we’ve been doing these articles at CarterMatt for much of the summer, offering up a sense as to what some of these shows should be doing in their first episode back.

For the sitcom, the challenges are certainly great given that we’re talking about a show that has run for more than a decade, and one that has told more than 200 episodes’ worth of stories. It’s not all that easy anymore to think about stories to tell here that the show hasn’t already told, but that’s the challenge for the writers to figure out. We’re going to do our best to have confidence in them figuring that out — consider this mostly a list of fun suggestions more so than anything else.

1. Have the Sheldon – Amy engagement happen – We’re ten seasons in, and with that there’s really no reason to wait around anymore. Have the two parties get engaged and then deal with some of the consequences of it after the fact. They do still obviously have some things to touch on, including Sheldon getting kissed by Ramona Nowitzki. We don’t want to see this issue get swept under the rug, especially since we’ve seen Amy compromise so much for the sake of Sheldon already on the series. It doesn’t need to happen again.

2. A fun cameo – CBS already gave away in a press release that Stephen Hawking is returning, so hopefully that’s enough to get you excited. We’ll leave it a mystery for now how he plays a role in the story.

3. The beginning of a Leonard / Penny arc – In the midst of the big personal developments elsewhere it seems like these characters are being somewhat lost in the shuffle. We don’t want to see that happen, and it shouldn’t happen if the goal here is to keep the balance the same. Maybe introduce a new work conflict for the two of them to get through, or something pertaining to family.

4. Some Young Sheldon references While there are no crossovers planned at the moment for the two series, we do hope that the producers utilize Laurie Metcalf (who is returning for the premiere) in order to ensure that there are ties between one show and the other. Maybe use her appearance here to remind viewers about Sheldon’s siblings, who are rarely ever referenced these days?

5. Updates on other characters – We know that a big development is coming for Howard and Bernadette, and seeing that implemented should prove rather fun. Meanwhile, with Raj we just want to see the character be happy — there are photos out there of him with Ramona, and we’re all for that given that we love Riki Lindhome. Beyond that, though, Ramona didn’t exactly give him the time of day the last time the two were around each other.

What’s on your The Big Bang Theory season 11 premiere wishlist?

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