Fear the Walking Dead season 3 episode 13: Alycia Debnam-Carey’s showcase

Fear the Walking Dead season 3 episode 13For many of you Alycia Debnam-Carey fans out there, you’re going to watch Fear the Walking Dead season 3 episode 13 live. We like to mention showcase performances from her in advance, and rest assured that this episode will provide just that. The title for the hour is “This Land Is Your Land,” which we love just from the vantage point of juxtaposition. Think about it in this sense — this song is one that you often hear children sing at school, and while it is political, it has an innocence and positive spirit about it for the most part.

Unfortunately, the Fear the Walking Dead universe is not one where this sentiment runs rampant, and instead it’s a world where there is a near-constant stream of chaos and peril. Characters are constantly on the verge of death, and put into unfathomable positions. For Debnam-Carey fans, you may love the place that she’s in just when it comes to material. We’ve seen her slowly evolve into more of a leader around Broke Jaw Ranch, and that position will be evolving even more on the story to come.

Fear the Walking Dead season 3 episode 13 synopsis – “With the Ranchers trapped and without hope, Alicia is thrust into a position of leadership, where she’s forced to make life-changing decisions…”

We’re nearing the home stretch of the season, and with that, you can argue that the story is about not only resolving matters in the now for these characters, but also figuring out where they will be in the future. It’s hard to imagine that Broke Jaw Ranch will be the setting for Alicia and the rest of the main crew forever. Eventually, it also seems as though we will have most of the characters in the same place again. What happens when you get everyone back together and Alicia is in a more empowered state? This is absolutely something that we’re curious to see Fear the Walking Dead explore.

You can also argue that it was really only a matter of time before Alicia made it to this point — we’ve known at CarterMatt for a while that her upbringing alone makes it possible. When you have Madison as a parental figure, you’re going to learn a thing or two about being tough at an early age.

The biggest problem we foresee for Alicia now is simply circumstance: She’s trapped in a pantry with most of the remaining survivors at the ranch, and basically she just has to figure out how to keep some of them alive. It’s pretty bad when her hope rests in part on Troy and Nick, who are still out there after what Troy did sending the zombies their way.

What do you want to see on Fear the Walking Dead season 3 episode 13, whether it be Alycia Debnam-Carey’s performance or something otherwise? Be sure to share in the comments!

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