Ink Master exclusive: Unkindness Art talks elimination, final 4 and stress of competition

Unkindness Art

Unkindness Art was the last newbie, original team in the Ink Master season 9 competition and while we were stoked to see them make it to the final four, it was very disappointing to not see them headed to the finale. The final four teams were all fierce competitors with great talent, but for us, we really wanted to see a team that was there from the beginning (with no vets) make it to the finals.

Unfortunately, we lost Unkindness Art right at the finish line and we were curious to hear how they felt about their elimination and making it so close to that brass ring. We had a chance to speak to Doom Kitten and Erin Chance from the shop and it was great to get their perspective on their elimination, whether or not we could see Doom or Erin back on Ink Master and the competition as a whole.

CarterMatt: How did you feel about being the last original team standing in the final 4?

Doom Kitten: I felt that we were REALLY there for what seemed like forever. I think its a bit easier to be a returning team and be more rested, especially as the competitions got tougher. We were weathered and tired by the time it came to the end, and there is no energy drink that we can legally imbibe that could innervate Erin and I.

Erin Chance: It was exhausting, but we worked our a**es off to get that far. Honestly we made it a lot further than I was expecting and while I wish some of the other original teams could have been there with us, I’m proud of our accomplishment.

Had you known that there were two teams who were going to be safe after the tattoo marathon rather than one, would it have changed your strategy at all?

Doom Kitten: Yeah I just would have spent that challenge doing whatever tattoo we wanted, just doing one really fun one. That canvas was a rad girl and had some cool work, and if we can just start making up rules because we want to be stubborn crybabies then we would have just had fun with it instead of tattooing some stupid bulls**t.

Erin Chance: It would have made the stakes higher for sure, but I had a hard time thinking clearly in the environment, so who knows if the plan would have been better or worse. It didn’t work out as it was haha.

Going into the elimination, did you think that you would stay over Old Town Ink?

Doom Kitten: Honestly Bubba and D.J. REEEEAAALLLY REALLY wanted the victory, they took on a HUUUGE challenge, and in my humble opinion killed it. I could honestly say that if we stayed and they left I would call shenanigans! I would have liked to competed against them in the finale though.

Erin Chance: I didn’t really want to go through if it meant taking their place. I wanted to be up there with DJ and Bubba fighting for the title, not instead of them.

What did you learn about being a part of this season?

Doom Kitten: I learned a lot from Erin and her years of experience over me, she showed me a lot of tricks while I was there! But overall I learned that I can do my best tattoo work at home, with all night to draw and study for it, and with waking up in the morning and getting my coffee from the pretty girl who works at the coffee shop, without a rush or care in the world.

Erin Chance: I am not cut out for reality tv.

Would either one of you want to come back and do this again on your own?

Doom Kitten: I can speak honestly for both Erin and I and say, NO… We are both people who in the end really enjoy leading a quiet peaceful life. And nothing about this competition supplied that, and if we can’t do our best then we don’t need to portray us tattooing at 50% of our capabilities.

Erin Chance: It would take a lot to get me to do it again.

What was the Ink Master environment like for each of you?

Doom Kitten: I think I sort of subtly explained that it was stressful, tiring, the days were long, the space was cramped, the food was processed, and the nights were sleepless.

Erin Chance: For me I was pretty much constant anxiety. I think you can probably tell watching. I normally function pretty well under stress, but having to consider another artist when planning art and tattoos under that kind of pressure definitely messed with my head a lot. Doom was awesome at calming me down.

If someone is looking to make an appointment to have a tattoo done by you, what’s the best way for them to reach you?

DoomKitten: The best way to get a hold of me is through my website and Erin can be found at unkindness

Erin Chance:


A very special thank you to Doom Kitten and Erin Chance for talking to us about their time on the show and for their candor. It was disappointing not to have them in the finale, but we were happy to see just how far they went. Make sure you leave us a comment in the box below and tell us what you thought of Unkindness Art’s elimination.

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