Chicago PD season 5 premiere spoilers: Voight schooled on optics

Chicago PD season 5 premiereOne of the major themes of the Chicago PD season 5 premiere, and largely the season as a whole, is the changing culture for police. It’s not easy for these men and women to do their jobs anymore, and to make things more difficult on themselves by not following proper protocol only aggravates the issue. We anticipate over the course of season 5 seeing many issues come up for Intelligence, but it all begins in the premiere.

Often with this show, it begins with Hank Voight. He is the king of the castle, and by now he should be very well aware that everything, one way or another, falls on him. He bears the responsibility of what happens in Intelligence, but unfortunately to date, he’s been more intent on following his own set of rules rather than the letter of the law. Could that change over season 5? You have to hope so, since otherwise he could be out of the job by the end of it. What is right for him, and what we want to see, are often different than what the higher-ups are interested in having as a part of their team.

In the new Chicago PD season 5 premiere preview below, you see Voight up against a new set of challenges as he is questioned hard over some of his stances, and also his defense of a pretty intense showdown that took place around an illegal day-care center. Earlier during this episode Halstead accidentally shoots a young girl — it wasn’t his intention to do so, and in Voight’s own words Jay tried to shoot a suspect, but the bullet went through both them and a barrier before hitting the victim in question. The larger issue that the higher-ups seem to have is the lack of knowledge Voight and company had before getting into the showdown. Should they have known about the day-care center? Their stance is that with better research and understanding of their surroundings, Intelligence should have been able to figure all of this out … with proper emphasis on the word should.

By the end of the Chicago PD season 5 premiere, we should get a better sense on where Voight stands within this new world order, and if he can really survive there. Not only that, but we also imagine that there will be a better sense of how the other members of the unit are coping with degrees of change on their own. Erin Lindsay is gone, Hailey Upton is a full-time member of the team now, and Antonio Dawson will find himself back with Intelligence full-time after spending part of last season as an investigator for the State’s Attorney’s office.

What sort of storm to you think is coming for Voight on the Chicago PD season 5 premiere?

Be sure to sound off with some of your early thoughts and predictions in the comments! Also, be sure to check out the link here in the event that you do want to get some additional news on Halstead’s situation via another sneak peek.

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