Could a Teen Wolf season 7 happen someday with Tyler Posey, cast?

Teen Wolf season 7As we await the series finale on MTV Sunday night, it seems like the right time to ask the following question: Will there ever be a chance to see a Teen Wolf season 7? Is it possible that we could end up seeing Tyler Posey and the rest of the cast down the road for more stories?

For the time being, we should note that there are no plans to make more episodes. The Teen Wolf series finale is the series finale, and it is meant to be the end of the run. This show had a tremendous life, and found a way to last for a full 100 episodes! It’s a huge feat when you think about that in relation to many other cable series that only last a few seasons. This is one of the biggest scripted dramas in the history of this network, and it brought together a wide array of different fans and some smart, creative storytellers. The cast and crew have a lot to be happy about here.

The biggest deterrent in getting a Teen Wolf season 7 someday is that, (as with most long-running series) the cast and crew for the show are eager to move on to their next new project. They’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of this show for a long time and it’s now time to see what else is out there for them. Tyler Posey has a new arc on Jane the Virgin, Dylan O’Brien is involved in movies like American Assassin, and Holland Roden already has some new gigs lined up. These are actors who love their characters, but still deserve a chance to do something different and spread their creative wings.

In terms of commercial success, it makes sense that now is the right time for Teen Wolf to go off the air. The ratings for the show (at the moment) are significantly smaller than they used to be, and you don’t want to see the show get sent off into an abyss where nobody ends up watching the show.

The biggest thing that could lead to a Teen Wolf season 7

Time. It’s as simple as that. Time could get people interested again, and while we don’t exactly envision there being a full-fledged season featuring Scott and Stiles again, maybe the pack gets together for a reunion of some sort down the line. There were previously rumors out there about a reboot, and if that was the case you could bring back one of the characters as a mentor in a guest capacity. We’re not sold on a reboot, but we do hope that the powers that be consider something with the cast in the future. Let everyone have a chance to breathe first. There is something to be said for being away for a long enough time that you actually come to miss it. At the moment, there’s simply not enough distance.

Do you think we could see a Teen Wolf season 7 someday?

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