Chicago PD season 5 premiere spoilers: Halstead’s harrowing news

Chicago PD season 4 premiere spoilersIn this round of Chicago PD season 5 premiere spoilers, let’s just say that we wish we had some better news for one Jay Halstead.

The latest sneak peek below from Wednesday night’s premiere episode comes courtesy of TV Guide, and it features Jesse Lee Soffer’s character in the midst of a new investigation. A little girl was injured in the midst of a shootout on the street, and he is there to inform her as to the nature of what has happened. While the child is at Chicago Med, there is no guarantee of survival and this is something that Halstead has to be very much aware of.

Beyond all of this, though, there is another bit of terrifying news that Jay is going to get handed: He may have been responsible for shooting the little girl, even if it was not on purpose. Voight clues in Jay to the news that she was shot with a 9-milimeter, the same sort of gun that he uses. All of a sudden, he has to open his eyes to the possibility that he forever altered someone’s life. This is something that nobody is able to move away from easily, especially when you are an officer and your entire goal is to try and protect people to keep incidents like this from happening. This is the sort of incident that could eat him up inside forever, provided that he is the responsible in fact responsible for the bullets. The look on Halstead’s face in the video thumbnail below almost says everything that you need to know about his reaction.

Was there a possible cause for what happened? You can argue that Halstead’s head may not have been fully in the game. Even if there is a time jump between seasons, he may still be hurting about the fact that Lindsay, a woman he loved and a woman he planned on proposing to, moved in New York City, presumably as a result of an “offer” that came through. It’s understandable that he would be a little bit adrift, and we know already that he doesn’t have too many other people to lean on. His father is not the easiest person to get along with, and while he and his brother Will (who will surface in the premiere) may care about each other, they’re also very much busy.

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