Longmire season 6 premiere wishlist: Hopes for Henry, Walt resolutions

Longmire season 6 premiereWe’ve been waiting to write out our Longmire season 6 premiere wishlist for most of the month, hoping to have more news on the premiere date. Alas, that’s still not the case. The sixth season will (presumably) premiere in the coming months still, and with that, we do want to refresh everyone on where we are in the story.

At the end of season 5, many characters were at a crossroads in their lives. Walt faced a future where he wasn’t Sheriff thanks to the wrongful death lawsuit and layers of corruption going all the way to the top. Meanwhile, Henry’s life was on the line thanks to Malachi Strand, Cady Longmire was more integrated than ever in the tribal community, and Vic was expecting a child. Where these stories go next is certainly intriguing given that we’re entering the final season. Now is the time for some closure, and we at CarterMatt want to see what the beginnings of this closure could look like. With that, we’ve got the full wishlist below for your reading pleasure.

1. Is Walt still a Sheriff? – Some cliffhangers we’re okay with waiting on for a little while longer. Take, for example, whether or not Walt and Vic have a future together. We need to know Walt’s occupational future in order for the show to work.

2. Is Henry going to survive? – It feels like a given since the idea of the show without Lou Diamond Phillips’ exceptional performance is all sorts of depressing. With that in mind, focus on not just if Henry survives, but also how. Don’t just start up the story with him magically okay.

3. Will there be a time jump? – After resolving some of these cliffhangers, give us a good sense as to how much time, if any, has passed. We certainly wouldn’t be shocked if there was a reset at some point.

4. How is Vic handling her pregnancy? – It’s possible that she is already a mother after a potential time jump, but we need some sort of update on the character. At the end of season 5, she hadn’t even clued in her colleagues as to what was going on.

5. Can we get a few good moments with The Ferg? – By and large, we do consider this character to be the heart and soul of Longmire. We want to see him out in the field, bringing some of his signature positive energy. We know that Zachary (Barry Sloane) is also coming back for the final season, but there’s no specific telling as to when that will be as of yet.

What’s on your own Longmire season 6 premiere wishlist?

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