Teen Wolf series finale: Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Hoechlin return (video)

Dylan O'BrienThe Teen Wolf series finale is coming your way on MTV Sunday night, and the sneak peek below highlights the big return of Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Hoechlin.

Odds are, you knew that this was something that was going to happen eventually given that Stiles and Derek are both enormous parts of the series. They define much of its legacy, and in order to get in a proper farewell here to the show it only makes some sense that we get an opportunity to see a little bit more of the two of them.

As for how they turn up, the Teen Wolf series finale sneak peek below gives you a small sense of that. The two show up at literally the most opportune time ever, as they’re able to help ensure that some of the other characters find themselves in a position where they can actually assist in making sure that Gerard Argent and his men are held off. It’s all out war at this point between the hunters and Scott and his pack, and while we don’t want there to be casualties, at this point it feels pretty darn clear that people could be in grave danger by the end of this. Getting back Stiles and Derek helps to tip the scales, but these are still very dangerous people.

In general, though, we do think that the series finale should actually spread a message of unity more so than division, and we hope that some of the characters within the hunters start to realize that while they may be scared of the wolves — so scared that they choose to take up violence — at the end of the day peace is infinitely more important. After all, this is what is going to make this show stand out more so than anything else at this point — having a message that transcends mere violence. They’ve been moving that direction the majority of the season, so fingers crossed that the performances of Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Hoechlin help to bring things even more to another level.

What do you think about this Teen Wolf series finale preview?

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