Fear the Walking Dead season 3 episode 12 spoilers: Could Alicia, Jake leave?

Fear the Walking Dead season 3 episode 12Is it possible that Alicia and Jake could leave Broke Jaw Ranch behind on Fear the Walking Dead season 3 episode 12? In the latest sneak preview below from Sunday night’s new episode, it’s at least a subject that is on their mind.

As for the reason that they are thinking about it, all signs point towards this really just coming down to one thing: A desire to start without some of the baggage. You can see the mental anguish that is coming out of seeing Jake suffer through the drought and what the ranch has become. He’s not someone who has been through the same horrors that Alicia has during the apocalypse. Sure, he does have a psychotic brother and his father Jeremiah is now dead, but he’s been able to live within some sort of society. There’s been some element of structure, and for Alicia she’s been fluttering around in the wind almost from the very beginning. She may realize more than he does that there is no real point in leaving, given that things are going to be effectively terrible no matter where they choose to go. They’re almost better off being where they are given that there is no real hope for peace anywhere else.

Jake’s possible suggestion for a new home is the Pacific Northwest, and the one thing that sounds interesting to us about that are swelled-up creepy rain zombies. Given where both this show and The Walking Dead proper are set, stormy skies are not something that we get all that much of. It could be interesting, not that we believe that this is ever going to happen. It’s too far for Jake and Alicia to go, and at the moment Fear the Walking Dead season 3 seems to be more about bringing people together.

If you are fans of Alycia Debnam-Carey or Sam Underwood, just be happy that Sunday’s episode is going to bring you more of these two characters together. As our most recent CarterMatt episode review indicates, neither party had all that much of a presence on this past episode. It’ll be nice to see where the two’s heads are at as we start to proceed into the next phase of the season. All signs seem to indicate that another villain come be coming the direction of some of these characters.

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