Law & Order: SVU season 19 premiere sneak peek: Rollins, Carisi talk about Marks

Rollins - Carisi relationshipThe Law & Order: SVU season 19 premiere airs on Wednesday night, and the new sneak peek is for many of you Rollins – Carisi fans out there!

In the sneak peek video below, you get a better understanding as to why Kelli Giddish’s character is especially intent on trying to take down the latest rapist at the center of a case in Mark — he was one of the first cases that she took on when she joined the Special Victims Unit, and she witnessed first-hand why he is so dangerous. While there are many different rapists that the team has encountered over the years that are dangerous, he is especially so thanks mostly to one thing more than anything else: His charm. He’s got this natural ability to just make people feel as though he is a good guy, and he is able to use that more in order to ensure that he is worthy of their trust. That is why he has been able to take advantage of so many young women, and Rollins recognizes that if she was in a different situation, it could’ve easily been her.

As you would expect, Carisi is everything you would want him to be in this situation: Strong, supportive, and ready to take down the piece of you-know-what at the center of the game. (For the record, Carisi also has a great tie!) These two are going to do what they can to take down Marks, and while it doesn’t seem as though their professional chemistry is going to turn romantic anytime soon, we do love the two of them as colleagues working together on the team.

Over the course of the premiere, we know that things are going to take an even crazier turn when Fin (Ice-T) takes it upon himself to track down Marks all the way in Cuba. We know that he and the rest of the team is going to be desperate to get Marks and take him down a peg, but is this the right way in which to do so? Over the premiere, you’ll see the aftereffects of this decision. Barba wishes that he could be happy to have him, but recognizes that in capturing him the way that they did, the team has opened things up to all sorts of legal problems. As a result of this, Fin could find himself at the center of a firestorm.

So where’s Benson in all of this? Rest assured she will be involved; in general, early indications suggest that this is going to be a powerful-but-difficult season for Mariska Hargitay’s character, and we’re absolutely eager to see where it goes from start to finish. (You can read a little bit more news on some of Benson’s upcoming struggles over at the link here.)

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