Outlander season 3 episode 3 sneak peek: The Jamie – Lord John Grey reunion

Jamie - Lord John GreyThe Jamie – Lord John Grey reunion is one of many notable moments coming in Outlander season 3 episode 3. It also just so happens to be the focus of the latest sneak peek below!

In this preview, you get a chance to see a reintroduction from one character to the next. The older version of Lord John (played here by David Berry) gets to learn and understand more of the legend that is now “Red Jamie.” Some time has passed since he allowed himself to be captured at Lallybroch, and he has spent a significant stretch of time serving as a prisoner undergoing great suffering. He remains in chains and is treated like  garbage; yet, at the same time he is feared by many of the British soldiers, and even has become a de-facto leader to many of the prisoners. They look towards him as a mediator for negotiations in the rare event that such discussions can actually accord with the prison guards. It’s an interesting arrangement, but this obviously showcases more of Jamie’s survival instincts. He has also found some sort of inner drive to keep on, even if his mind has suffered enormous torment over the departure of Claire.

Obviously, Lord John has a different sort of connection to Jamie than most. After what transpired between Jamie and a younger version of Lord John back in season 2, there is a debt that is there, one that Lord John will not have forgotten when the story picks back up. The two may be on opposite sides of the war, but there is also a shared connection there and you will see some of their relationship develop. Eventually, the two form one of the most interesting friendships of the entire series. We don’t want to spoil too much of what comes after this scene for those of you who are Outlander viewers only (and not book readers), but many of you more than likely know that Lord John doesn’t kill him. Otherwise, there would be no Print Shop reunion, and in turn no voyage at the end of the season. We wouldn’t have much of a show left!

Also, Lord John becomes likable in his own right, given that Diana Gabaldon would not have been able to write a series of stories about him otherwise. Consider this meeting essential in terms of determining not only the path for the remainder of the season for Jamie, but also understanding who Lord John grey as a character. Berry, through what we’ve seen so far, seems like the perfect person to join Sam Heughan and the rest of the cast.

What do you think about this Jamie – Lord John Grey preview?

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