Could Dark Matter season 4 campaign spawn a miniseries, something else?

Just in case you wanted proof that the Dark Matter season 4 renewal campaigns were producing results, we’ve got that here for you today!

Let’s start with getting the bad news out of the way — one of the interested suitors in reviving the show is now out of the running. As showrunner Joseph Mallozzi noted in a recent entry in his blog, the network/provider was interested in the collaboration, but in the end the two parties couldn’t make things work when it comes to financial considerations. For the record, we here at CarterMatt love that Mallozzi is offering up as many specifics as possible — this level of transparency is rare for canceled shows looking for a new home, so it’s really amazing to feel like we are all part of the process.

Now, the good news. There is one more party still interested, though he notes that their vision for the show’s future is a bit different than the five-year plan he originally envisioned and discussed with CarterMatt. Here is what he had to say in his blog.

“[Now, we] switch focus to our final suitor – a delightful wildcard with a creative proposition. Unfortunately, said proposition comes with its own set of complications, chiefest of which is a timeline that may stretch far past our drop dead date. And yet, if the pieces come together and all the parties sign off … then we’d be looking at mini-series that would run, depending on budget, between 4-8 episodes – offering Dark Matter fans some form of closure.”

Obviously, the ideal situation was to get two more seasons of the show, but if that can be condensed into a miniseries and offer up a proper ending it’s far better than allowing things to conclude with a giant cliffhanger a la season 3. We’ll see what unfolds here, but we don’t necessarily think that a miniseries has to be the end of the road, either, if it is successful enough. Due to some of the shows coming back that we never previously expected to (look at Will & Grace or Roseanne), we’ve learned to take a never-say-never approach to such things.

What else to know

Tonight marks another strong social-media push in order to make Dark Matter season 4 happen. If you’ve seen some of our previous posts on the subject, then you know that the rules are more or less the same. If you are new, take a look at the tweet below from the Dark Matter FTL account — the fine folks responsible for battling to get another season of the show someday. Everything will begin at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time, and there should be some fun stuff throughout the night if you love the show.

Also, be sure to sign the petition to save the show if you haven’t already! It’s well past the 40,000 signature mark as of this writing, which is very much impressive for something assembled on the internet.

Want to get some additional Dark Matter season 4 campaign news?

Then be sure to visit the link here in order to see last week’s report. Hopefully, we’ll have some better news to pass along soon beyond just the hope for a potential miniseries down the road.

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