MasterChef interview: Winner Dino Angelo Luciano on intense finale, future dreams

Dino Angelo LucianoThrough much of MasterChef season 8, Dino Angelo Luciano was a strong contender to win — he performed extremely well in challenges, and it was clear pretty early on that he was going to be a great ambassador for the show. He was charismatic, funny, and was creative both with his style and cuisine. With all of this in mind, it’s fair to say that seeing him win was a complete thrill. He’ll be a winner we remember for many years to come.

So what’s life for Dino like now, and did he ever doubt himself during some of the harder parts of the competition? In our CarterMatt email exit interview, we detail some of that with the champ below.

CarterMatt- Congratulations on being the champ! How hard has it been keeping this secret?

Dino – Thank you so much, I appreciate that.  It wasn’t too hard, I’m very good at keeping secrets. In Bensonhurst, not keeping secrets led to knuckle sandwiches, on Italian bread, with extra provolone. Just kidding, I was very anxious and excited about it, and of course I wanted to go to the highest building and shout at the top of my lungs, but I also love letting people enjoy the ride and excitement!  I hate when people ruin shows with spoilers!

When you entered the season, did you see yourself winning throughout? Were there moments you were worried about being eliminated along the way?

I had no idea I’d get as far as I did.  I always gave it my all, hoped and prayed, but I was never certain.  Making it farther and farther was definitely a surprise and such a warm feeling.  And with God and my mother consistently in my heart and mind, I had energy for days!

How different was the vibe during the finale taping, having so many people there watching you cook including your own family?

So different. The pressure and was higher and the fire was burning hotter. My mum seeing her son doing what he loves first hand, making her proud, such a magical feeling. I wouldn’t trade that feeling for the world.

What’s the one piece of advice you would give to an aspiring contestant on the show now?

Always be yourself, stay humble, have control over your emotions, but allow yourself to be vulnerable and share it transparently.

Sometimes doing this competition can be exhausting, but you still kept your passion and creativity throughout. How important was it for you to keep highlighting that part of your personality?

As exhausted as I might have been, I needed to stay up and be an example to people who needed inspiration. My biggest hope was to help inspire people to find their true passion, and to believe that dreams can come true and that fairy tales do exist.  Because they do!

Now that you’ve won the show, what’s coming up for you now?

My biggest dream is helping other people dream, so I’ll continue to love the world in any way possible. When the whole world starts dreaming, I’m almost certain that we’ll live in a much happier place!

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