Fuller House season 3 episode 10 return date: When’s it back on Netflix?

Lonzo BallFollowing the first nine episodes on Netflix today, when is the Fuller House season 3 episode 10 return date going to be? We come bearing answers!

When Netflix confirmed that there would be a third season of the Full House continuation series, one of the first things that we learned was that we would be getting a larger batch of episodes than the first two go-arounds. When you think about the show’s popularity, plus a more flexible schedule for the cast this season, that makes some sense. However, it makes a little less sense to put all eighteen episodes out there at once, given that this causes the show to make less of a long-term impact on the streaming service. (Personally, we at CarterMatt would prefer getting a new episode a week instead of lumping them all together, but that’s just us.)

Back when it was announced that we were getting the first nine episodes of the show this season, we also learned that the remaining nine episodes would be coming out at some point in December. That is still the plan. It’s a little early to get more specific than that, but these nine episodes should offer up some more updates on DJ Tanner and the gang, while still throwing in cameos from famous people as well as giving us more various family hijinks.

The truth here is that if you’re watching Fuller House at this point in its run, you’re probably not looking for anything genre-bending or altogether surprising. Instead, you’re likely just searching for a way to have some fun and see some good stories be told featuring characters you’ve come to love over time. This is a show that has done a good job over the past two years bringing some smiles to the table and allowing its fans to play in on some of the nostalgia. It harkens back to a different, simpler time, while keeping the story at least partially rooted in the present. We do think that there is a dearth of family-geared programming on streaming services, especially in an era where it’s perceived as “cool” to be adult. It’s incredibly smart for Netflix to cater to this crowd, given that their goal is to get subscribers from all walks of life and there many be subscribers who have Netflix as a part of their TV packages simply to watch this show.

Ultimately, know as you stream Fuller House season 3 this weekend that this is not the end of the road for the show. There are still nine more episodes to go beyond what you’ve got right now, and then after that you can start to prepare yourself for a Fuller House season 4. We do feel fairly confident that it’s coming, given the show’s success to date.

When do you what the Fuller House season 3 episode 10 return date to be?

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