Bull season 2 premiere wishlist: A flawed man; a complicated case

Bull season 2 premiereWhat is at the top of our Bull season 2 premiere wishlist? That is the focus of the latest chapter in our ongoing feature series here at CarterMatt. We do think the answer to that is also fairly simple: A more complicated, flawed version of Michael Weatherly’s title character. We want to see the guy with his hair messed up, with his glasses askew, and with him realizing that his entire life is falling apart.

We know that Weatherly is great at playing characters who balance a lot on their plate — he did it with Tony on NCIS and he’s absolutely done that here. In the end, the thing we want to see more than anything else now is for him to lose a little. Show some more vulnerability, and how much things in his life hurt him. The best example of this is what we saw during the episode featuring Isabella Colon, Jason’s ex and a woman who truly understood him and what it meant to suffer. Maybe this means bringing Yara Martinez on board once more, or it just means finding some other ways to get some of that vulnerability out there.

As for a few other suggestions…

1. Give Marissa and Danny more to do – Despite being regular characters, we still don’t know as much about them as we would like! Explore their histories more, and maybe allow them opportunities to shine more in the midst of the rest of the team.

2. Allow more chances to see familiar faces – We’d love to get J.P. Nunnelly and Diana Lindsay back on the show for a few episodes, and possibly a few other recurring characters who could turn up for the first time here.

3. A case that lasts more than an episode – While this show may be a procedural, at the same time we do want some more serialized elements, whether that be a case that you revisit every few episodes or a personal storyline that connects some of the installments.

4. More themed episodes – How does Bull celebrate the holidays or enjoy major sporting events? We’d like to see the character do more normal stuff, and now that we’re entering the second season we’re going to have a chance to see the show have a stable schedule. It’s a little bit harder to plan some of this out for the first go-around on the air.

5. More references to the CBS extended universe – Think of things this way: This is a legal drama set in New York, so wouldn’t it make some sense to be able to see a Blue Bloods character or two on the show? Wouldn’t that be a fun idea to explore?

What tops your own Bull season 2 premiere wishlist?

Share some of your thoughts in the comments below right now! Meanwhile, if you do want to get some additional news when it comes to the series, including some upcoming specific episodes, be sure to visit the link here. (Photo: CBS.)

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