Grey’s Anatomy season 14 promo amps up Meredith – Riggs – Megan triangle

Meredith - Riggs - MeganGrey’s Anatomy fans, are you ready for a Meredith – Riggs – Megan triangle to form? Well, the latest season 14 promo hints it’s coming!

As for whether or not you really want for it to come, that is an entirely different situation worthy of some additional discussion. The relationship between Meredith and Riggs ended seemingly in the season 13 finale, with Ellen Pompeo’s character deciding that she was going to let Nathan go in order to be with his suddenly-alive ex (played now by Abigail Spencer). This was a big moment that could’ve changed the characters forever, but as season 14 picks up, Meredith is going to realize that moving on is not going to be as easy as she previously thought. Meanwhile, Megan (pictured above) is going to understand that time has passed, and with that there is a possibility that her past love will have moved on and found someone else to be in his life.

While in theory the Meredith – Riggs – Megan triangle could be fun, we also hope that it doesn’t turn into something overly dramatic that ends up sinking the show entirely. You do need to remember here that the Grey’s Anatomy history books are literally covered end to end with soapy love triangles and romantic chaos, and we don’t need the same thing to happen here. We’d almost feel a little bit better if we had a chance to see the show mix things up and do something a little bit different. Maybe you have this love triangle disintegrate quickly, or you find a different way in which to tell these stories without just making it seem as though it’s the same thing we’ve written about at CarterMatt in the past.

The big question mark here remains Megan. She is a woman who does very much care about Riggs, but she’s also probably a very different person who feels very different things from what she did when she last saw him. Time changes people, and that is more than likely exponentially true when you consider here precisely how long she’s been gone from his life. Meredith is the person he’s been with now, so the choice for him is between his past and his present — it’s not altogether clear that his past will ever become his present again, even if there is a big part of him that could want for it to be so.

New episodes of Grey’s Anatomy are just one week away! Rejoice in that, but also remember that the show is going to be kicking things off with a two-hour episode.

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