America’s Got Talent: Where Darci Lynne stands in our winner rankings

Darci LynneAmerica’s Got Talent is over for the season, and with that comes an all-important question: Is Darci Lynne one of the best winners in the history of the show?

Admittedly, it’s hard to gauge someone against other winners one day removed from them winning, especially since one of the things that we look at in our full winner rankings piece is someone’s ability to remain an enormous star following the season wrapping up on NBC. We do think that when it comes to Darci, her biggest asset is her creativity. There are not all that many ventriloquists out there in the world, especially ones that do exactly what it is that Darci does! It’s an incredibly unique talent, and one that should be praised. The producers have to be thrilled that they somehow found her and got her on the show this year.

Let’s go ahead and start putting Darci’s win in some perspective: She’s better than most of the singers who have won the show, mostly because it’s so hard in that industry to have a long-term career and there are so many singer winners you probably don’t remember. Does the name Neal E. Boyd ring a bell? What about Kevin Skinner or Michael Grimm? Darci has a leg up when it comes to longevity, and we do think that her act has more large-scale appeal than Olate Dogs or Kenichi Ebina, even if we personally feel like the latter is one of the best performers we’ve seen on the show ever and is a personal favorite.

We also think that Darci is slightly a step ahead of Grace VanderWaal last season, mostly because despite Grace’s creativity, Darci has a chance to capitalize on her talent right away. Grace could become a big star and this could change, but she’s not there just yet.

Where we rank Darci Lynne … for now

At the moment, we’d say that she is the #4 winner in the show’s history behind ironically two ventriloquists — Terry Fator and Paul Zerdin — and also magician Mat Franco. These three have all made unspeakable amounts of money since winning their seasons, and Terry is one of the wealthiest winners in show history.

Can Darci get to the top of this list? Sure, since she’s tailor-made to have a Las Vegas show at some point. The one thing holding her back right now is her age. Vegas isn’t quite a family town, and we’re not sure if she can do a nightly show there at this point in her life. Our suggestion for her would be to get around 15-20 minutes together and tour that for now; she can always come back to Vegas down the road or make some guest appearances during Fator’s show. (He’s already invited her to be a part of his big Christmas event later this year.)

Where do you rank Darci among the show’s winners?

Be sure to share some of your thoughts on that subject right now in the comments! (Photo: NBC.)

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