The Amazing Race 30: Are Big Brother’s Cody Nickson, Jessica Graf on board?

Cody NicksonWill Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf be a part of The Amazing Race 30 following their time in the Big Brother house?

We figured that the two were going to have some sort of future in the television world together, but we never imagined that it would come quite so soon! After all, remember for a moment that these two just finished being a part of this season of the CBS reality show, and that they could in theory want a big break. Yet, that’s apparently not happening.

In a post on Twitter, Brian Porreca of The Hollywood Reporter made it clear that Jessica and Cody a.k.a. Jody will be gracing The Amazing Race together, later insisting in another reply that the news is true. These two are far from the first Big Brother showmance to do the show together, as we’ve seen Brendon & Rachel and Jeff & Jordan each go on the Race together in the pace. Brenchel, as a matter of fact, were actually on two separate seasons! It ultimately makes sense for CBS to make the move given that they want Big Brother viewers to watch some of their other programming, including The Amazing Race, and getting popular Big Brother players is a way to make that happen.

The question that we still wonder here is if the producers for this new show are going to figure out a way to get Cody to say more than a couple of words every time that he is answering a question? After all, this is what we saw from him for the bulk of his first TV experience! We will also be curious seeing what happens with Cody when he’s not getting the underdog edit. If you remember, he wasn’t all that popular the first week in the game (and said some pretty terrible things on the live feeds that wasn’t aired on the show), and it was only after it was Paul and the entire house against him that we started to really see this turn around. We do think that these two have a pretty good chance of winning, if for no other reason than that they’re both athletic, and are clearly in love with each other to the point that they probably won’t argue all that much. They also haven’t really gotten to spend all that much time together, given that Jessica was eliminated before the jury whereas Cody got to spend the rest of the summer hanging out in the jury house.

New episodes of The Amazing Race will air in the new year. The main reason we know that these two are going to be on season 30 is because, for now, this is the only additional season that CBS has actually ordered.

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