Big Brother 20 premiere date, cast hopes for CBS

Big Brother 20Following tonight’s crazy finale, what could the Big Brother 20 premiere date be on CBS? It’s never too early to start speculating!

The first thing that we should note about Big Brother 20 is that it is not the upcoming celebrity edition. Much like Big Brother: Over the Top in the past, this is not going to be considered a part of the main canon of the series. Big Brother 20 proper is going to be the regular version of the show, and it will (once more) air in the summer. Odds are, the premiere date will be at around the same time that it was this year: Late June. The show will run from then until late September. It’s far too early to say whether or not the season will last as long as season 19, but you should remember that the ratings for this season were great and there’s no reason to shorten this beyond the ninety-plus days that it already is.

Now, the next question that you have to wonder over the coming months is simply this: Will the network cut it out with returning players? We really hope so; while Paul played an incredible game, he had so much control for the vast majority of it that it made some of the action boring. We like the unpredictability that comes with newbies in the house, and while twenty seasons may be a huge milestone, we hope CBS doesn’t look at that as some sort of excuse for bringing back returning players. Either give us a full All-Stars where everyone is on a level playing field, or give us all newbies. Personally, we prefer the latter since we don’t want to hear about anyone’s Instagram ad money that they are hoping to make after the show.

While we love the game, we are rather glad that there is a little Big Brother hiatus finally coming up now where we’ve got more than a few months without a season on the air. Big Brother: Over the Top to Big Brother Canada gave us a few months off, but really you have to think back to the fall of 2015 for the last time that there was a pretty substantial break in the action. The show probably needs this, mostly so that the brand doesn’t become diluted. Much of what makes the show great is that you’re able to take some time off to miss it, and then come back to enjoy some of the craziness once more.

Remember that come early June, we’ll start hearing some more about Big Brother 20. That’s probably the right time to start looking for rumors.

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