Big Brother 19 finale: Alex Ow on why she turned on Paul (CBS backyard interview)

Alex OwAlex Ow made it pretty far on Big Brother 19and there is some irony to the word “petty” as her slogan. After all, this is someone who apparently decided that she didn’t want to vote for Paul to win because he was too mean to her.

Speaking to Dr. Will Kirby in the backyard after the finale, Alex made it clear that the biggest problem that she had with Paul was learning after the fact that he was talking bad about her behind her back. She was fine with losing to him, but at the same time she didn’t want to be completely humiliated by him on TV. She apparently felt embarrassed by some of what he said, and that was enough for her to want to make a move against him at the end of the game.

Beyond justifying her vote, Alex made it very clear that she remains close to Jason and wants to continue to be friends with him — also, she wants to be a part on an upcoming season of Survivor. Do we think that this is going to happen? Well, probably not, but never say never, right? Well … maybe some out there will say never. What we did learn about Alex in this interview was that she was determined to play — she only brought one dress, and was ready to be active and fight hard in order to do what she could to take home the grand prize.

As for voting for Josh … well, let’s just say that Alex didn’t offer any huge compliments of his game. In the end, we do think that tonight was more about what Paul did to lose the game as opposed to what Josh did to win. Think of this as a lesson that you do have to treat people right as they walk out the door to jury if you want to win this game in the end.

One more thing from Alex — she explained that trust was a key component in one of her decisions earlier in the game, and that was back when the two had some sort of strong partnership going. She did make it far with Paul, but she should’ve made a move a little bit sooner.

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