Big Brother 19 finale: Jessica Graf on Cody’s AFP win (CBS Backyard Interview)

Jessica GrafJessica Graf wasn’t a part of the jury on Big Brother 19, but she did still have a number of interesting things to say about the outcome of the show this season.

Speaking to Dr. Will Kirby in her CBS backyard interview after the finale tonight, Jessica made it clear that the ending, in which Josh was the winner over Paul, was “good TV.” After having such a predictable season, isn’t there some merit to that? We do think that Josh’s win was a bit surprising (and maybe a little bitter on the part of Jason and Alex), but at the end of the day, this is the winner.

Jessica also got a chance to speak on Cody being America’s Favorite Player, saying that she was happy to have united her fans around her and Cody. Kevin has a huge audience and is a great guy, but this was the only way she felt as though she could beat him. Jessica’s already learned a thing or two about her popularity having gotten the appearance on The Bold and the Beautiful, and we feel like her and Cody could have some other TV appearances too — we figure that The Amazing Race would want them in the event they’re still looking for more Big Brother houseguests to be on that show.

As for a potential return to the Big Brother franchise, she offered up the following to Will: “If CBS calls and asks, we’ll definitely talk about it.” Ultimately, we do think that this is going to happen. She wants to see it, and we’re pretty sure that most people within the fandom would want it as well. While we do think that Jessica was a good player, she had the potential to be a great player if the house wasn’t so starstruck by Paul. We don’t think that Cody is the best player under the sun, and that probably weighed down her game. Without him, we do think she would do a really great job in the game.

What do you think about Jessica’s remarks, and are you happy that Cody win AFP? Be sure to share below!

Meanwhile, be sure to head over to the link here to get some more news from the Big Brother backyard. (Photo: CBS.)

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