The Sinner episode 8 (finale) debate: Does Cora need to be guilty?

The Sinner episode 8As we inch ever closer to The Sinner episode 8, otherwise known as the finale, coming onto USA Wednesday night, there continue to be many questions. One of the biggest ones revolves around our main character Cora’s guilt.

Based on what we saw at the end of this past episode, we do know now what happened to Cora so many years ago. It revolved around a traumatic night where she seemingly saw the death of her sister, and both Frankie and J.D. were present for it. The music was a psychological trigger for her, she thought she was witnessing an act of violent against her sister when it was really Frankie doing her best to save her. We still don’t know the answer to many things — is the mask just a red herring? — but it seems like most of her pain stems from seeing her sister go and feeling some element of responsibility for it. The event was so traumatic that Cora seems to have buried it far deep in her mind.

Now, the next question that we’ve got is this: Does any of this change Cora’s guilt in the case? This is something that will be explored in the finale, and it certainly doesn’t seem as though Cora actively intended to stab Frankie to death. It was just an impulse that seemed to stem from what happened so many years before. We now understand more of his reaction to her during the stabbing, and also why she didn’t even remember who he was. All of this seems as though it would be textbook evidence for an insanity case, and for it to be thrown out.

Unfortunately, the problem here seems rather clear: How in the world do you prove any of this in court? Is there any way to go to these people and proclaim that you had no knowledge of this? Convincing Ambrose is one thing, but a jury may be something else entirely since the case is so complicated and the death so brutal. We do think that Cora killed Frankie and there should be some consequence to that, but it’s pretty clear to us that this wasn’t premeditated and it doesn’t seem as though she was of her own mind. The larger question we wonder is this: Who really is guilty, if not Cora? Who bears responsibility for what happened? Does there need to be someone, or was the entire exercise a story of misunderstanding? J.D. seems like the real villain of the series, but he’s already dead and gone.

What do you think needs to happen on The Sinner episode 8 in order for the overall story to be effective? Share in the comments!

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