The Sinner season 2: Jessica Biel discusses potential story ideas

The Sinner season 2Will The Sinner season 2 happen? That’s the question going into Wednesday night’s finale on USA. This show was originally set to be a limited series, but the ratings have been very good and the critical acclaim is certainly out there; with that, it of course makes some sense that the network would start having some talks.

Speaking on that subject recently to Variety, series star and executive producer Jessica Biel made it clear that the network is interested in potentially doing more, and she and the rest of the creative team feels the same way:

“We’re kind of starting from scratch in terms of what a second season could look like … Are we being true to the language of the show if Cora is still involved? Or is that story over, and we should introduce somebody new? We don’t really know the answer to that question yet, but I would always be open to making the show the best that it can be.”

We do certainly think that there will be The Sinner season 2 in the future, but we do hope that the folks over at the network resist temptation and find a way to bring about a different sort of story featuring new characters. As compelling as the life and teams of Cora have been this season, we don’t think that there is any need to continue it beyond what we’re going to see in the finale. The longer that you stretch out a story like the one we’ve got here with a central character, the bigger the risk that you draw of having viewers eventually bail on the show thinking that it’s unrealistic.

Personally, what would be the coolest is to see Biel, Bill Pullman, Christopher Abbott, and other cast members come back in different roles to explore different dimensions of the show’s themes. While there may not be the same source material there, we do think that there’s an opportunity for some interesting creativity on the part of the writers and producers to do something different.

Now, the other big question is when The Sinner season 2 would premiere. In theory, it’s possible that you could renew the show and have it be ready to come on the air next summer; yet, we’re not sure that’s the best move if there are only ideas right now and nothing altogether concrete. If season 2 comes out and it’s not anywhere near as cohesive or compelling, you’re running a risk of killing the franchise. If you wait and deliver a stronger story, there’s a chance that you then could continue the show for many more years into the future.

Anyhow, USA has time, and we’re curious to see what the future will hold.

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Meanwhile, you can head over here to preview The Sinner finale, and be sure to stay tuned for some additional news regarding the show. (Photo: USA.)

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