Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Goodbye, feeders; winner prediction (day 92)

Big Brother 19Tonight, Big Brother 19 is officially over, and with that we close the book on what was an entertaining, at-times crazy version of the show that we enjoy covering so much.

This morning the final three houseguests in Paul, Christmas, and Josh all woke up and said their goodbyes to everyone watching for most of the season. As has been the case most of the season, we got another reminder of just how delusional most of these people are when they think that most of the people watching are actually fans of theirs. We know that some people are rooting for Josh almost by default; while we do think that he is an entertaining character and got better as a player as time went on, he’s still a dude who screamed all sorts of terrible, demeaning things as Jessica, Cody, and Mark over the season. We’re not saying Paul and Christmas are any better, but let’s not elevate someone because they’re the underdog, okay? (We still stand by the fact that had Cody been in power most of the season, the sentiment towards him would’ve been similar to the sentiment towards Paul for most of this season.)

Our winner prediction is pretty predictable, as are most things this season (so much for “expect the unexpected”) — Paul is going to win, and we don’t actually think that the vote is going to be that close. Cody may hate Paul, but he recognizes that he’s the better player of the two. Maybe Jason is still bitter and votes for Josh, but is he really a better option? It’s basically going to be Paul vs. Paul’s minion, and Christmas is almost irrelevant at this point given that it seems like neither person is all that interested in taking her. (If Josh wins the final HoH and takes Christmas, he’s probably going to feel a lot like Paul did last summer when he took Nicole.)

Before signing off on our Big Brother coverage leading up to the finale tonight, we do want to hand out one last massive thank-you to everyone who made covering this show as great as it’s been. Sure, this season ended up being a little tiresome over the final month, but there was a lot of fun stuff in the early going. Thanks for sticking with us and checking out our coverage — we are going to have one more exclusive interview with Allison Grodner coming this week, so you do have something more to look forward to there. We’re also going to have some coverage of the backyard interviews, so that is something else to look for at the link here. (We’ve got another engagement, so we may not be covering a ton of news related to the finale itself until after the fact.)

Who do you think is going to win Big Brother 19? Be sure to share in the comments below! (Photo: CBS.)

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