Supergirl season 3 premiere wishlist: Reign’s introduction; a Mon-El tease

Supergirl season 3 premiereWith the Supergirl season 3 premiere arriving early next month on The CW, isn’t now the right time to craft the perfect wishlist? This is an ongoing feature here at CarterMatt, where we go through and chronicle with every show precisely what it is that we’d like to see. In the event of the Melissa Benoist series, there is a ton to look forward to! We’re coming off of a huge cliffhanger, and beyond that we have a major mystery when it comes to Mon-El. Where is the character, and how long are we as viewers/fans going to have to suffer waiting for the big reveal?

Well, we’ll go ahead and get it out of the way that we don’t necessarily think that a Mon-El sighting at the moment is something we should see. You gotta let the suspense build for a little bit! Nonetheless, we do think that there is some sort of update that the show should offer…

Give a Mon-El tease – In the closing minutes, we do think that there’s something that the show could do here in order to set up his story down the road. While we think it’s important to wait on him being reunited with Kara, we don’t think that it’s anywhere near that important to wait on seeing him altogether. The earlier that Supergirl does offer up some evidence of where he is, the better the show will build that suspense until the reunion comes.

Introduce Reign – Yet, don’t do it in a way that is altogether obvious or sinister. This character is meant to actually start off as a seemingly normal person, and you will see her transformation over time. It really doesn’t need to all be a big part of the premiere, and it shouldn’t be.

Resolve the Sanvers cliffhanger – Given that Floriana Lima is no longer a series regular, it feels like it’s a bad idea to actually wait on this storyline. Instead, give us a response to the proposal right away and give us a better sense as to how the story will be told over season 3.

More Alex – Kara moments – Remember, this is actually the foundation of the show! We want to see some great moments with the likes of Lena and Winn, but the Danvers sisters do need to stay at the center if this show is to be the most effective one it can.

A formidable villain – We tend to find that premiere episode villains (see The Rival on The Flash) are hokey are not altogether interesting. We’d like to see someone here who is actually a little more of a threat and potentially challenges Supergirl for either the entire episode or into the second one.

What’s on your Supergirl season 3 premiere wishlist?

Be sure to share some of your thoughts right now in the comments! Meanwhile, you can head over to the link here in the event you do want to get some additional news when it comes to Reign and what some of the plans are for her story this season. (Photo: The CW.)

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