Bachelor in Paradise 4: Danielle Lombard gets candid on Dean Unglert situation

Danielle LombardWhat happened between Danielle Lombard and Dean Unglert on Bachelor in Paradise? Based on what you’ve likely read, you know that it’s messy. What’s even more interesting is just how apparently messy it is on the other side of the two doing the show together. Dean left the show at first over his guilt over sending Kristina Schulman home. However, things got complicated again after Danielle left the show.

In speaking about the aftermath of the situation now in a new interview with Us Weekly, Lombard got more than candid about what happened:

“We left in separate vans to go back to the hotel. It’s funny because when I pulled up, there was another car in front of me and I was like, ‘I bet that’s Dean.’ Sure enough, he gets out. I was like, ‘Screw this guy.’ I got back to my hotel room and I think it was five minutes after I put my bags down that I got a phone call from him. I didn’t want to talk to him at all. I hung up on him several times before actually staying on the line. I gave it to him straight. I said, ‘You don’t know what you want. You made a complete fool of me on national television. You literally told me you loved someone else and now you’re calling me saying you want to hang out. I just don’t understand your thought process.’ He told me that he was encouraged to say those things. I just think it was his way of saving face at the end of Paradise. He came over to my hotel room and we talked some more. As soon as we got back to L.A., we hung out with each other and started this off camera relationship that I thought was going in the right direction.”

However, even more flip-flopping later unused, and Lombard now claims that she is very “frustrated” with him and feels as though he pursued her primarily for her looks and not necessarily any other reason. We can understand why that would be hard to deal with, and why you would want to get a little bit of distance from them! There’s a reason why Dean was called out by so many people both before and after the show; he couldn’t make up his mind in regards to the women that he wanted to spend his time with, and if that continues for him after the show it’s going to remain problematic.

What we just wonder now is whether or not you’re going to see either Dean, Danielle, or Kristina on the show again to hopefully have a better experience.

Let’s turn this over to you: Do you want to see any of these people back on Bachelor in Paradise again in the future? Be sure to share in the comments! (Photo: ABC.)

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