Major Crimes season 6: Check out a new promo via TNT

Major Crimes season 6It’s like TNT heard us when we said we wanted another Major Crimes Season 6 promo. The newly released promo gives fans a more in depth look into the case that will occupy the squad for the first 5 episodes, one titled “Sanctuary City”.

In keeping with the new serious and dark mood that the episodes will take, the promo starts out at night with the squad investigating the disappearance of three boys. This leads the team on a fanatic search for the boys as we see search dogs and more man power used to help solve the case. The promo reveals that Chief Mason will have a visible presence and will want to pay as close enough attention to the case as he can.

So we have seen the Major Crimes squad solve disappearance cases before, so what makes this one different and darker than previous ones? Well for one we are talking about three missing boys, and without assuming too much, we can guess that they are probably young. The only other hint this 30 second promo gives about the case is that a ton of money is involved and possibly drugs, considering fans could clearly hear Detective Sykes ask about having a “prescription for all this.”

What’s most intriguing about the promo is that all of the concepts shown in the trailer, missing children, drugs, and money, have been used many times before; but, for some reason it feels different. While it could be the darker and more serious mood, it feels like there’s something else to this case that we obviously haven’t seen and that in itself makes us even more excited for season 6.

Some of the other highlights included seeing Commander Sharon Raydor out in the field. We don’t also see her out in the center of a takedown, but the promo showed her geared up and ready to go. What’s great about this is she only goes out into the field if it’s a really important or dangerous case. Another clue that this disappearance case is more than meets the eye. Another highlight included a brief scene of  new series regular Jessica Meraz (Chasing Life), who will play Det. Camila Paige. How she is introduced into the squad has not been revealed but it should be during the season premiere. As previously mentioned, Amirah Vann (Underground) will also join the series in a recurring role as Special Agent Jazzma Fey.

Major Crimes returns October 31 with its 13-episode Season 6.

For more news related to Major Crimes, be sure to visit this link. New season 6 episodes will return October 31 on TNT. (Photo: TNT.)

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