Saturday Night Live alum talks Donald Trump’s hosting gig, controversy

Donald Trump's hosting gigRemember Donald Trump’s hosting gig on Saturday Night Live? It took place during his run for President, and we wish we could forget it. From start to finish, it was pretty terrible — the comedy was weak, he didn’t have any interest in doing anything that made fun of himself, and in general it seemed to go against the entire tone of the show and what it was meant to be.

Also, we should point out that the majority of the cast seemed to hate being a part of it. Take, for example, former cast member Jon Rudnitsky, who was on SNL for that season. Speaking her an appearance on People NOWRudnitsky did his part to try and detail precisely what it was like sharing the screen with the former President, and some of the trouble with the preparation of the show in advance:

“He had trouble with the sketches, and if a sketch wasn’t complimentary about him — mainly physically — he wasn’t into it,” said Rudnitsky, 27. “He’d go, ‘It’s cute, but no — next.’ He was just onto the next if it wasn’t about how great he was. I’m totally serious. I mean, there were some really funny sketches that he just didn’t get. His sense of humor is definitely skewed.”

Rudnitsky also claimed that in another surprising move, Trump would try to improvise during some of his sketches on the show, which is something that is well-known as a no-no for the SNL stage. It’s something that not even the great former cast members did, and there have been discussions and rumors over time about people not being asked back after improvising. While the show may be hilarious, a whole lot of it is planned out in advance.

In the end, we feel pretty darn confident that Donald Trump’s hosting gig is one that Saturday Night Live wishes that they had back — with that, they seem to be more than fine now just bringing out Alec Baldwin to make fun of him instead.

What do you think about Donald Trump’s hosting gig in retrospect, and do you think that SNL would’ve had so much more credibility had they not hired him? Share in the comments!

If you missed it…

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