Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Who won final HoH, part 2? (day 89)

who won final HoHEven though there were only two people in Josh and Christmas competing in the Big Brother 19 final HoH, part 2 yesterday, the live feeds were still off for the better part of the day. Apparently, these two were forced to face off in a pretty intense competition that had a lot of different components, and one that took each one of them a hard time. Both were saying after the fact that it was brutal, and Josh commented that it’s one of the hardest things that he has ever done.

So who among the two of them managed to win in the end? Well, it’s going to be Josh who is now facing off against Paul in the last part of the final Head of Household for a guaranteed spot in the final two. For the record, it’s clear that Paul is going to take Josh (fulfilling the prophecy of Cody), while we could see Josh do the same thing and take Paul. While he thought about removing him from the game before the final two, he also does think that he can beat him in the end — and he might, depending on just how bitter most of the jury is against Paul.

Of course, virtually the moment that the competition was over we saw Paul start to work a little bit more of his magic in order to full ensure in that he got precisely what he wanted out of Josh as we get closer to the end of the pair’s time in the house. He made it clear to him that they should tell Christmas together that she’s going home in third to not cause her any pain from being blindsided. This conversation will most likely happen, but Josh could easily go to her later (if he wants to) and act like it’s all a ruse.

Based on the way the majority of the season is going, at this point the thing we expect more than anything is rather simple: Paul wins the final HoH and then the game, just because this season has really made a name for itself with the most predictable option winning out almost every time. Paul may not be the most likable winner in show history, but the man played out of his mind most of the season and walked circles around some of these people. We don’t know how this season has any different outcome that makes sense.

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