Victoria season 2 episode 5 spoilers: A queen’s voyage

Victoria season 2 episode 4When Victoria season 2 episode 5 airs on ITV in one week’s time, at the center of that story is going to be quite the journey for our title Royal. She will be heading over to France in order to take on what could be a massive political crisis for her. You may hope that there is an issue overseas that does not turn problematic for the Queen, but she has a reason to be concerned.

After all, the lengthy synopsis below via the network details how King Louis Philippe’s actions start to have her increasingly nervous that France and Spain may, once unified, serve to weaken Britain’s place in the world:

“Concerned that the pending marriage of King Louis Philippe of France’s son to the Spanish Queen will form a dangerous alliance, Victoria sets sail on her first voyage to the continent in an attempt to deter the wily French King. Accompanied by royals and servants alike, Victoria quickly realises that she will need to have her wits about her if she is to make the charming – but not altogether trustworthy – Louis Philippe take her seriously as a Queen. 

Turning to Albert for support, she finds him distant. Unknown to her, he’s still reeling from the traumatic revelation about his parentage, and driven to despair by the debauchery and scandal of the French Court. Left to take on Louis Philippe alone, does Victoria have what it takes as an international leader to finally outsmart him? And will Albert overcome his horror at the decadence around him, and learn to trust Victoria with his secrets?”

This synopsis serves as a pretty solid reflection of the various highs and lows that exist within this serious. Victoria realizes that she has the weight of the country on her shoulders, and that this trip is incredibly important when it comes to cementing her legacy as a Monarch. Yet, it’s rather hard to cement much of that reputation when you are also being forced at the same time to deal with troubles in your marriage, and no real person to turn to for advice. Albert’s crisis may be understandably shaking him up; these two need to get on the same page, and quickly, if they want to make it through okay.

Where you do anticipate seeing Victoria season 2 episode 5 go, and are you shocked that we are already so far into the season? Share in the comments, and stay tuned for more CarterMatt news on the subject of the show. (Photo: ITV.)

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