Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers spotlight: Meet nurse practitioner Jessica Johnston

Jessica JohnstonJessica Johnston, entering Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlersis someone who could easily throw a ton of people off. She’s a good competitor who is obsessed with fitness, but she’s also very intelligent and worked hard to get what she wants at a young age. Could she be a sleeper to win this entire game?

Below, you can see more of our assessment of her as a player in the latest CarterMatt castaway spotlight!

Age – 29.

Location – Her hometown is Cape Girardeau (right on the border of Missouri and Illinois), but currently resides over in Louisville, Kentucky.

Bio – She already has a doctorate in nursing, and knows a little bit about leading a team while also how to help others — after all, she is on the Healers tribe! She’s also very competitive, and per her video (hilarious as it may seem) will stalk super-fit people in the gym to get tips. She’s also very religious, and wants to use that as a light to help her make it through the game.

Past Survivor comparison – She mentions Andrea Boehlke, who is probably going to be mentioned a ton this season given that she was just on recently and may have been the response casting suggested to a bunch of these people. Personally, we see her almost like Candice Cody (both in terms of her drive and her working in medicine) meets Holly Hoffman, someone who really wanted to see if she could muster the game. Jessica claims that she wants almost every horrible thing possible to happen to her while she’s out in the game.

Strengths – Depending on how she chooses to play this, she could try to dumb down her abilities and her intelligence — we’re not sure anyone with a doctorate should lead off with that! She is athletic enough to be an asset, but not so obviously threatening that she’ll be a target. She worries that she’ll talk too much out there, but that’s probably not going to be a huge issue — as long as you’re not annoying people, you want to have stories and be able to communicate with other people.

Weaknesses – We do think she’s asking for trouble when she wants every horrible thing in the world to happen to her, since we think this is going to be so much harder than she thinks. We also do wonder if she can find a way to play the game just as it is — a game. Sometimes, you do have to lie to people and be devious, and we’ve seen different extremes when it comes to how religious people choose to play it out there.

Pre-show prediction – We do think Jessica is self-aware and lighthearted enough to think outside of herself and perceive what others think of her, and that’s a good skill to have while out in the game. She’s also capable of winning challenges and not someone who will be a target right away. She’s going to have a good chance of making the merge, and if she’s willing to be cutthroat, she may even have a chance of winning! Her problem is just going to be finding a way to be okay with some of the more aggressive parts of being out there competing for the prize.

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