The Blacklist season 5 spoilers: Geoffrey Owens, Poorna Jagannathan casting news

Poorna JagannathanReady for another batch of The Blacklist season 5 casting news? Well, this time it revolves around a pair of new additions to the series in Geoffrey Owens plus also Poorna Jagannathan.

Here’s what we know about the two castings at the moment, via a report coming in right now courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

Geoffrey Owens – The former Cosby Show actor is going to be appearing in an October episode of the show in the role of Dr. Dresner. He is a doctor who loves to work on the black market, and someone who has no problem getting his hands dirty. For the right price he could do just about anything, and within the confines of the James Spader – Megan Boone NBC show you could see him do his part in order to help with a “difficult procedure under truly unique circumstances,” per the publication.

Poorna Jagannathan – Meanwhile, the former The Night Of performer is going to be coming on board as Norah Ahmad, described as a “world-weary and tough” woman who has arrived to the United States with a very specific purpose. You will see that play out, just as you will see her potentially decimate anyone who stands in her way. She’s very dangerous, but isn’t almost everyone on the show?

Figuring out where these two characters stand within the larger Raymond Reddington operation for The Blacklist season 5 should prove interesting, and mostly due to the fact that Reddington is starting off this season far more isolated and alone than he ever has before in terms of his vast criminal enterprise. At the start of the fifth season he’s going to be split off from much of his income and wealth, and without a whole lot in the way of assistance. It is Liz Keen who helps him to rebuild his team, and as we reported recently here at CarterMatt, one of her real goals in doing this is mostly just to ensure that she uses him to take down more criminals who end up standing in the FBI’s way. While she may also like the father-daughter bonding time, she may see rebuilding the Reddington criminal enterprise as a means to an end. These two characters could end up being assets to Reddington, but you also cannot rule out the possibility that they will be very clear enemies standing in his path. Over the remainder of the season, we do hope that we get a chance to dive a little bit deeper into just who some of these criminals are and what they are bringing to the table in terms of danger and destruction.

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