Arrow season 6 spoilers: Could Black Siren imitate Laurel Lance?

Laurel LanceBlack Siren is one of the most notable villains on Arrow season 6, and one of the things that makes her special is clear: Her resemblance to Laurel Lance. She’s the Earth-2 incarnation of the character, and judging from everything that we’ve seen on the show to date she has a very clear understanding for who Laurel was and the importance that she had in the lives of many different people on the team — especially Oliver Queen. This makes her a huge force to be reckoned with given her ability to emotionally manipulate, and it also makes her a prime person to stir up all sorts of trouble when it comes to Star City at large.

To expand on that, just take a look at what series star Stephen Amell had to say recently to Entertainment Weekly:

“She looks exactly like Laurel Lance, she is Laurel Lance … Laurel Lance is the most famous dead person in Star City, so eventually, at some point, if she is reintroduced into public life, how do we unpack that? I’m excited for that. That’s the dynamic I think could be interesting.”

We don’t think that we really need to reinforce too much of what Amell is saying here in order for us to be intrigued by the concept of Black Siren turning up as Laurel and rocking Star City to its core. If they felt as though the beloved Black Canary is back, some of the townspeople would bend over backwards for her. Black Siren could gain a lot of power as Laurel, and then use it to snatch even more away. She basically has the potential to crush the legacy of Laurel for the city much in the way that she tried to for some of the characters on the show already.

Will she succeed? That’s one of the subjects up for debate, but we do hope in general that we see a more powerful iteration of Black Siren in season 4. As a whole, we do feel like the version that was in the past season or so could’ve used some amping up when it comes to her powers … plus there’s that scene of Felicity punching her that is forever burned in our mind. If Felicity was to defeat her in any way other than hand-to-hand combat, it’d make a little more sense.

Do you think that Black Siren will try the Laurel Lance switcheroo at some point on Arrow season 6, and what do you think the aftermath of this is going to be? Share now in the comments!

Meanwhile, head over to the link here in the event that you do want to get some additional news right now regarding the show, including the latest Arrow season 6 trailer. (Photo: The CW.)

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