When will Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season of The Bachelor start filming?

When will Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s season of The Bachelor start filming?The question at the start of this article really says it all: When will Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season of The Bachelor start filming?

We know that there are some people still living in a bubble and doing what they can in order to pretend that it’s not happening, but we have some bad news: It is. Arie is the new Bachelor, and we’re going to see him meet somewhere between 25 and 30 new women on his journey to find love. We’re never going to be overly cynical going into the season as to whether or not it could work: We want to root for people to make it happen, mostly because it expends too much energy to be negative and to assume that things are naturally going to fall apart. Plus, having successful relationships is something that any Bachelor fan should want since it gives the show credibility and helps it to last longer. While we do always love the seasons where we can mock the trainwrecks, the weddings actually show that there is an opportunity every now and then for people to find love at the very end. That’s something that is very important for this show, even if it may not seem that way all of the time while you’re mocking crazy people in a hot tub.

For Arie, more than likely his journey towards a possible relationship begins in late September. We at CarterMatt know that Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor started to film on September 24. With that, we would assume that September 23 (a Saturday) would be a decent time to do Arie’s first night. Yet, we wouldn’t be shocked if they held it back to Monday the 25th, even if that would be rather chaotic for ABC given that they have programming premiering then plus also the second week of Dancing with the Stars this season.

Some of the women for this season have been cast for a rather long time, so don’t be shocked if there are some who don’t see altogether into Arie in the early going; this happens every time! We wouldn’t be shocked if some of these women made it to the end of the casting search thinking that Peter was going to be the lead, even if they’re likely not given too many assurances one way or another. We don’t actually think that a good 50-60% of the applicants are thinking too much in terms of finding love from the get-go anyway, given the whole structure of the show has changed. While many of these people are not necessarily opposed to the idea, at the same time they’re also very much into the idea of getting a ton of Instagram followers and using them to promote their various businesses / ideas. Just ask how much some of the contestants from Nick’s season now make for sponsored posts over there.

Are you planning to watch Arie’s season of The Bachelor?

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