Hawaii Five-0 season 8: Could a McGarrett – Alicia Brown pairing work?

Catherine RollinsMrs. Carter: Could there really be something to a McGarrett – Alicia Brown relationship moving into Hawaii Five-0 season 8?

When the character (played by Claire Forlani) first showed up on the CBS series, we cannot say that this is something that we necessarily expected. Yet, the two had a very natural chemistry, they have been through a lot both together and apart, and they do already have a relationship that extends beyond the job. Showrunner Peter M. Lenkov has already noted that the writers could explore the idea of this pairing more over the season, so why not do a little more of that here right now?

The obvious question that you have to wonder before any other, though, is what is currently going on in regards to Steve and Lynn, given that the last we saw on the show the two of them were in a relationship and it was still going strong. We want to root for them to be together, but this is also a part of McGarrett’s life that we don’t get see very much. Sarah Carter only made a couple of appearances last season, with the Valentine’s Day episode (a favorite of ours!) being one that really stands out as a lot of fun. If Alicia and Steve are ever going to be much of anything, what that probably means is that Steve and Lynn are going to have to split up.

In McGarrett is single, what could their relationship be like? We do think that there is some mutual support there in that the two of them have gone through a lot, including near-death situations, and probably understand each other in a way that few others do. They have a natural understanding of who each other is, and this could lead to them having a relationship that is more of a partnership and less of one person feeling like they are more of the alpha. We could see them working out in the field together only to come home together later at night. If Steve ever does go into the restaurant business full-time, she’d be there to support him. We definitely do think that the two of them together makes sense, provided that Claire Forlani is around long enough to make it happen. (This is really one of our largest requests here at CarterMatt — we want to see whoever Steve or Danny is dating to be a part of the show for a long stretch of time as opposed to just an episode or two here or there.)

Now, there’s one major concern, but this is actually less about Alicia and more about Steve himself: Is it possible that we could see his condition hold him back? One of the unexplored aspects of season 8 so far is how the radiation poisoning could in turn impact his ability to live. Would he be afraid of dying to the point where he would push anyone away? (Lenkov has already said he has no plans to kill off Steve, but the character doesn’t know that!)

Do you want to see McGarrett and Alicia Brown together this season?

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