The Sinner season 2 debate rages thanks to latest USA ratings

Sinner season 2While there is no word of there being The Sinner season 2 at any point in the near future, the folks at USA cannot deny the possibility of it being a good idea.

As we’ve pointed out a few times over now, there’s one clear problem with contemplating bringing more of the show to the air: This is an eight-part series with a defined start and end. There’s no more story left to tell beyond this season. Yet, at the same time network also can see that the ratings make this show an instant success. While this past episode on Wednesday slipped slightly to a 0.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic, this is still the #1 new show of the summer. Its ratings are stronger than the tentpole Suits or such other established USA hits as Queen of the South or Shooter. It has a devoted audience, and one that could only expand moving into the finale. This is when some people who’ve been catching it on their DVR for much of the summer may decide to start watching it live, largely because they don’t want to run the risk of the ending getting spoiled for them.

The first issue that the show runs into when thinking about The Sinner season 2 is thinking about the story. For one, do you even call it this name? You either need new source material to base it on, or you need to come up with something different that pays homage to the show. There are also a few different things that you could do. Here are some different suggestions in our signature CarterMatt style:

1. Touch base again with the author – Petra Hammesfahr is the person responsible for writing the original version of this story, so maybe you go back and look at some other material from her, or let her come up with a new story. This is what HBO is doing when it comes to a prospective second season of Big Little Lies, which comes via author Liane Moriarty.

2. Compose an entirely new story with the same cast – Go in the direction of American Horror Story here and establish something that will feel reasonably familiar to the first season, but also different with an overall narrative that is different. It gives you a chance to do more with Jessica Biel and Bill Pullman, which every person in their right mind should.

3. Allow for a brand-new story with a brand-new cast – This is the True Detective route. It could’ve worked for season 2 far better than it did, which is why our main advice at the moment for the show is to exercise some patience if they do want to do something similar in the future. Don’t rush into giving another season to anyone just because this one did so well.

What route do you think The Sinner season 2 should take, if it should even happen?

Let us know now in the attached comments! Meanwhile, be sure to head over here if you do want to preview the upcoming finale, and share some of your expectations for what

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