Stephen Colbert joins James Corden, Ellen Show’s New Challenge, Emmy Awards

James Corden

It’s the Friday before a big event in Hollywood and everyone is hustling around in last minute preparations. In 48 hours the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards will be in full swing offering up awards to the best shows that TV has to offer. If you love television and want to keep on top of the ceremony, you must tune in.

As with any award show, there will be fame, fashion and speeches. The way Hollywood feels in the political climate right now, expect a few winners to speak their minds. It’s always interesting to who is bold enough to share their political views. Overall, most fans are looking for an evening of entertainment (and that’s where Stephen Colbert comes in).

Big Brother Final 3

Last night on CBS the fans of Big Brother shared a moment with the top 3 as they celebrated their accomplishments. Paul, Josh and Christmas all gave a toast in the kitchen as Kevin walked out the door. It appeared that no tears were shed during the episode (at least in terms of the evicted party) as Kevin wasn’t angered about Paul’s decision not to use the veto and Christmas’ vote to evict was part of the game.

The odd thing about the final three is Christmas finding a way to make it here given that she wasn’t able to do many of the competitions, and at one point early in the game, it didn’t feel like she was going to be able to stay because of her injury!

Stephen Colbert joins James Corden on The Late Late Show

Stephen Colbert stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden to help share a few notes during the sketch Side Effects May Include. Seeing the two talented late night stars behind the same desk was quite entertaining. Not only did they have amazing chemistry, the segment was laugh out loud funny. While some fans might have turned in for James and others for Stephen, I really hope the two considered hanging out again on late night TV. And if there was ever a Carpool Karaoke to enjoy, it would be these two gents offering up some of the greatest hits.

Watching their banter back and forth on the segment. One thing for sure, we all are very jealous of the talent of Neil Patrick Harris!

The Ellen Show has a new challenge

Jessica Biel made a major entrance earlier this week when she arrived on The Ellen Show. She committed to a Dirty Dancing lift and surprised the talk show host, along with all the viewers. It was spectacular in every way. While rare to see a star do something so unique, it’s a game changer for the show as Ellen has issued a challenge to every invited celebrity.

If a star can come on the show, make an impressive entrance using dance (or whatever means possible as the guidelines seen a little flexible) to beat Jessica’s performance, then they will get a charitable donation to a group of their choice. Not only does this sound like a great idea, the viewers are going to tune in to see what might happen. Dust off those scoring paddles from DWTS as it’s time to start judging dancing early! (Photo: CBS.)

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