Dark Matter season 4 campaign: A Reddit AMA and tonight’s Twitter push

Dark MatterHappy Dark Matter Friday, everyone! We’re calling it that at the moment because Friday is the night in which the series aired on Syfy, and this is also the night when the fans are doing everything that they can in order to ensure that the canceled series gets a second life. (It also is the perfect Friday show — incredibly entertaining and a nice bit of escapism after a long week.)

If you want to be involved in the season 4 campaign there are many important things that you should know, beginning with the glorious news that there is a Reddit AMA being planned tonight featuring showrunner Joseph Mallozzi and the majority of the cast! It begins at 7:00 p.m. Eastern time at the official subreddit for the show, and some of the people slated to be in attendance include Melissa O’Neill (Two), Anthony Lemke (Three), Alex Mallari Jr. (Four), Jodelle Ferland (Five), and Zoie Palmer (The Android). There could be even some others who stop by, so if you’re a fan and having a nagging question (or two or three), this is the place to try and get them answered.

Oh, and there’s another tweet-storm taking place tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET to help ensure prospect network/streaming services have a chance to gauge the interest in doing more episodes. The Dark Matter FTL account (see below) is the best place to visit if you want to learn what the secret hashtag is going to be to use during the tweet-storm. Don’t use it before the start of the storm, since the goal is to hit Twitter hard at around the aforementioned time to get it trending. There is an added incentive to do so, as Mallozzi is promising to release bloopers from the second and third season for however long the show manages to trend. Who doesn’t love bloopers? They serve as a nice reminder as to how much the cast loves working with each other … and they’re probably hilarious. Good double-incentive to us!

As for any updates when it comes to finding the show a new home, there have been discussions; yet, this is the sort of thing that does mostly have to be done behind closed doors. It’s not worth generating any false excitement until something is definitive, and the show’s always been a longshot to get a fourth season to begin with. Nonetheless, that shouldn’t stop anyone from trying! We’ve seen so many miracles when it comes to canceled shows coming back, whether it be Longmire, Sense8, Firefly in the form of Serenity, Nashville, Southland, Timeless, The Mindy Project, and so many others. Everyone loves rooting for an underdog story, and this one brings a lot to the table in between imaginative storytelling, great performances, and of course one of the most passionate fan followings out there.

We’re going to continue to offer up more Dark Matter updates every Friday, along with any other time in which there’s something pressing going on within the fandom. Stay tuned, and head over here if you did miss last week’s update. (Photo: Dark Matter.)

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