Madam Secretary season 4: Check out four sneak peeks from premiere

Madam Secretary season 4 premiereIt’s that time of year again when networks begin to release sneak peeks of our favorite shows to make the wait bearable. The latest is CBS’s Madam Secretary, with 4 sneak peeks for fans to check out.

All sneak peeks are from the premiere episode titled “News Cycle”.

The 1st sneak peek – This one had a serious tone which involved Henry’s work with Dmitri. It appears that Henry is the only one who finds Dmitri to be a true valuable asset when a high authority figure reveals he has reservations about letting a former member of the Russian military into the highest levels of the American agency. He also wants Henry to not put his personal feelings for Dmitri in front of the job.

This sneak peek tells us that there’s a new challenge for Henry and Dmitri. Dmitri needs to prove he is worthy of being an asset to the United States while Henry is in charge of running a division of the CIA that includes their most sensitive work. It’s a big job for Henry and one that appears to come with a lot of pressure so it will be fascinating to see how Henry deals with this job and with the authority figures above him.

The 2nd sneak peek – This one has a lighter tone to it with the McCord family discussing Ali moving into college in 2 days and how Elizabeth won’t be there to move her in. It’s a great family fun moment. It’s also your typical “one of your siblings goes to college so let’s turn her room into something” scene.

It shows that despite them not being your average family because of their parents’ jobs, that there are certain aspects in every family that are the same.

The 3rd sneak peek – Once again we have a lighter tone here, and it serves as a partial continuation from the second sneak peek. Only this time it’s Elizabeth and Henry discussing their children. Elizabeth is suggesting that they need to get a hobby because in two years their youngest will be going to college and they will be empty-nesters. Henry points out that she shouldn’t feel guilty about not moving Ali into college because she has work.

It’s a conversation we are sure most couples have about their children. Elizabeth is trying to balance her professional career with her personal one that involves trying to be a good mother. Again, it shows fans that even though Elizabeth is a high-profile public figure that she is at the end of the day, just another concerned mother trying to give her kids the best life. It’s a great scene and we can’t want to see the rest.

The 4th and final sneak peek – This final sneak peek gives fans a taste of the big trouble Elizabeth and company will find themselves dealing with. We know from the synopsis that the assistant vice minister of Timor-Leste suddenly dies during a meeting with Elizabeth and that she suspects foul play. So this scene takes place after the fact with President Dalton telling Russell and Elizabeth that no one will get away with killing their diplomat on US soil. The scene also shows Russell, Elizabeth, and President Dalton discussing how they want to handle the situation.

This scene is great because it shows the complicated situation they face and that their jobs are never done. The scene ends with President Dalton giving the okay to go public with the story with Elizabeth in the background looking like she has more to say. It will be interesting to see if she does.

Madam Secretary returns Sunday, October 8 on CBS.

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