America’s Got Talent finalist spotlight: How Evie Clair could win

Evie ClairFor the second straight year, we are here to kick off one of our favorite article series: The America’s Got Talent finalist spotlights. There are ten people now in the running for the grand prize, but only one of them can win. Can any of them, including Evie Clair. take home the grand prize? You can debate that if you’d like in the comments, but we’re assuming within this series that they can.

Today, we at CarterMatt are going to look more extensively at Evie, someone who has had an unbelievably difficult road to make it here. This is a challenging spotlight to especially write given recent events in her life, including the tragic death of her father. His battle was a big part of her story this season, and it is unfortunate that some out there are trying to discount her talent simply because of that. She is a very good singer, and it’s unfair to say that we should detach ourselves from her story when she votes. Do you ever detach yourself from some of your favorite singers in real life? Often, we like them for reasons other than just their voice.

Her strengths – In the midst of some of the story packages and the discussion online, we do think it’s overlooked how radio-friendly a voice she has. She has a little bit of a Sarah McLachlan or Duffy quality to her, and she also possesses some musicianship to go along with it. She’s not just standing up on the stage and performing a song that we’ve heard a thousand times before on every other singing show, and we appreciate that.

What does she need to watch out for? – Sameness. While many of her performances so far this season have been great, they all do sound a little similar to each other in our brain looking back. She needs for this final performance to do something a little bit riskier; even if it doesn’t get her the votes, it could be necessary for her to create more of a name for herself as an artist and show that she can stretch beyond ballads.

How she wins – Do something inspirational, but also something a little more upbeat that challenges her and allows America to see a slightly different side. If people want to vote for her because of her story, then they’re entitled to do that — she’s been through a lot but she also still does have talent. The crummy thing here is that she’s already gone through one of the worst periods of her life, and there are still going to be people all over the internet criticizing her over the next week for no reason. The best thing that she can do is give her best performance, have the support of her friends and family, and keep building towards her dream. She is probably a longshot to win, but she can still make her final performance memorable and enjoyable.

Do you think that Evie Clair will be the America’s Got Talent winner for season 12? Be sure to share in the comments or the poll below! You can also click here to view other Finalist Spotlights for this season. (Photo: NBC.) 


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