Grey’s Anatomy season 14: Are there big Japril stories ahead?

JaprilMrs. Carter: Are you ready for some Japril stories on Grey’s Anatomy season 14?

We know that this pairing is one of the most-beloved ‘ships on the show. Yet, at the same time we’re also very much aware of the fact that Maggie is very much in the picture when it comes to Jackson’s love life. It’s probably wrong to call this a love triangle given that this assumes there is some sort of juvenile quality to it when there isn’t. However, it does still feel as though there are issues to be discussed. Jackson and April slept together in Montana last season, as the former confronted his father while also dealing with a nearly-impossible medical case. They may have been okay with moving forward after that, but as Sarah Drew notes to Entertainment Weekly, the presence of Maggie could complicate that somewhat

“Everything was okay if nobody was in the mix … Now she’s seeing there’s a real potential he could move on and it’s going to cause her to actually force the conversation.”

We’re all about conversations here! Actually, we’re more in the camp of waiting for some of these conversations to turn into something more … not that we’re sure if anything will really happen there. There are some obvious incentives for a Japril reunion, with the biggest one being that the two are parents and have lived together. They know each other better than anyone; it’s unfortunate that this also means that the two know each other’s flaws better then anyone, but can they accept them and move forward? They know how the other person struggles, and what happened to cause the downfall of their relationship in the first place.

Is reconciliation possible within this show? Absolutely, but as we’ve seen time and time again, it’s not a guarantee. Just ask either Cristina and Owen or Callie and Arizona about what happened after the two of them split up. The one advantage that there is here is that Drew and Jesse Williams are both still a part of the show. We don’t think that any question is going to be answered in the season 14 premiere (though you can read our full CarterMatt Wishlist on that subject here), but we do still hope that we get a good chance to learn more about what their future could hold for the two of them over time. This is a show that has long seasons, and we have to be fairly realistic about when certain aspects of it are revealed. For example, we don’t anticipate that Shonda Rhimes and the writers are going to just come out and deliver on a silver platter everything within a few weeks! Patience is a virtue, especially for possible romantic pairings.

Are you still rooting for Japril to happen on Grey’s Anatomy?

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